Serve the Community

Serve the Community

Sterling United Methodist Church is active in mission and service in Sterling and surrounding Northern Virginia communities. Below are listed some of the ways we engage in ministry to our neighbors.

Shepherd’s Run

On Christmas Day we honor those in our community who serve tirelessly to keep our community safe.  We deliver cookies and other goodies to the local fire stations. police stations and hospitals.  Volunteers are needed to prepare baked goods, coordinate the event, and to make the deliveries.

To participate, contact Jim Jochems, email, or call the church office at 703-430-6455.

DeShong’s Gift Back

DeShong’s Gift Back is a local non-profit organization run by church members Jane and Vini Short. DeShong’s Gift Back has several community gardens, and they grow produce throughout the growing season to support local food pantries, including our own Grace Ministries. Many volunteers are needed to tend and weed the gardens and harvest the crops.

To participate, contact Vini Short at


Offerings collected at the communion rail are used to support our Benevolence Fund.  We work closely with Loudoun Cares and other local charities to provide for the needs of those in our community who find themselves in difficult financial situations and need special assistance.