About Us

Sterling UMC Front View

Front view of Sterling UMC

Sterling United Methodist Church has a rich history based on the contributions of many unique individuals seeking to know God better over the years.  Established in 1875 as the Methodist Church in Guilford (now Sterling), it occupied a one-room building that was also used as a public school located at 1101 W. Church Road.

With over 140 years in the area, Sterling United Methodist Church is Sterling’s church with the goal to create more disciples for Christ and to serve those within our community.

“Sterling (UMC) Loves Sterling”

Our worship and discipleship experience focuses the energy and resources of the church on creating an environment that:  facilitates an engaging experience, fostering discipleship, while nurturing families.

We are a church family offering many ways for you and your family to connect with God.  There are programs for children; students; adults, young and senior; and you can get to know the church and Christ at your own pace.

As you read through these pages you will discover our unique Sunday experience of worship and discipleship.

The many ways you can praise God through music; be it traditional or contemporary; as a singer or a musician; experienced or novice; young or old there is a program for you!

And our children and students can worship and develop with peers in our children’s service; our Sterling Kids Sunday School; and our Youth Group.  Christian education is offered at all levels as well as opportunities for fellowship and mentoring through organized youth activities, and mission service projects.

Is Spanish your first language?  Then come to our Amigos Bible study on Sunday mornings!

Sterling United Methodist Church seeks to make disciples of Christ through study; serving, especially in our Sterling community through missions; and fostering a family environment through fellowship building lasting relationships with each other and Christ.

Welcome to our church!