In this week’s scripture, Matthew 21: 1-11, Jesus sends two of his disciples into the village with instructions to find a donkey and her colt and to bring them to him. Jesus is going to ride through Jerusalem on a donkey. At that time, processions entering into the city were important occasions. Whether a general, governor, official, or emperor, they displayed Roman political and military powers. These leaders would ride on a steed.

Jesus, the Son of God, rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. He parodies the mindset of those who feel important like Roman officials, and military leaders. By riding on a donkey, not a warhorse, he is revealing that his goal is not domination, intimidation, and greatness. Instead his actions consistently model humble service, to the least, the lost, and the lowly.

His mode of entry touched those who witnessed his actions. As he made his way along the route, people were touched by his willingness to be touched by them. The people placed their cloaks on the road and others cut tree branches and laid them, also on the road. It was their way of showing how much he meant to them. As they were blessed by his presence, they responded by blessing him.

How have you been blessed by someone showing you this kind of courtesy? How have you sought to be a blessing to someone else? Jesus invites us to think about ways we can bless others, and try to find ways to encourage, empower, and support them.