Membership Update

This is a process of removing those from our membership rolls who are no longer a part of the congregation. We list them in hopes of getting an address or email to contact them about whether or not they want to remain on our rolls.

Bangura, Betty
Beane, Mark Edwin
Burney, Mark
Burton, James W.
Burton, John D.
Comini, Winter
Ford, Joseph
Garrett, Patrick
Garrett, Rachel
Hormes, Betsy
Hoyle, Angel Jewell
Jones, Rebecca Christine (Weber)
Jones, William Patrick
Kirin, Garrett Edward
Kirin, Sharon L.
Knupp, Mary Dana
Marshall, Evelyn Louise (Montgomery)
Martin, Christine
Miller, Sanda Lynn (Biancucci)
Pecson Andrea
Pecson, Matt
Percell, Jeffrie
Percell, Kwanza
Price, Heidi Lee (Harper)
Purdy, Bonnie
Purdy, Gorman
Saleen, Lalarukh (William)
Smylie, Chris
Thompson, Starr
William, Kamran
Wilson, Laura Grace (Garcell)
Wilson, Mike