Cleaning Kits for UMCOR

UMCOR supply depots are near to disbursing all the stored cleaning kits to areas impacted by the recent hurricanes. In another disaster, UMCOR will lose its ability to respond and share a needed resource with the affected people. Because of this, the Virginia United Methodist Church is taking action and calling on its churches to donate supplies and assemble these flood buckets to replenish the supply!  

The cleaning kits are 5 gallon flood buckets filled with crucial supplies that enable those affected by floods, hurricanes and tornadoes to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up.

The VAUMC goal is to collect 4,677 Cleaning kits by early November.  To accomplish this, all of the churches in the Northern Virginia district have been asked by DS Sarah Calvert to produce 4 (or more!!) cleaning kits by November 1st.  

As a church we will gather on Sunday, September 18th after our 10:00 AM worship service to assemble some kits.  In order to make use of the hands available on that day, we need supplies!  Please take a look at the Sign Up to see what you might be able to contribute!


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