Christmas At Sterling

How does a weary world rejoice?

Christmas Services

The Longest Night, 12/21


7:00 PM

Christmas Eve, 12/24


10 AM

Christmas Eve, 12/24


7:00 PM

The last time I saw God face to face I was looking at a bed of tulips. God was every color of red. I was merely a mortal, in awe of it all. The time before that, we were tying back the curtains, looking for stars. God was the deepest purple and the brightest light. The time before that, the city was soft with snow. God was the quiet that tucked us all in. And in between these small gifts there were newborn babies, and sapling trees, homemade bread, the sound of a church singing on Sunday. … Why, yes, we are lucky. We are more than lucky for the moments when delight and awe unzip the weight we carry around.
Prayer by Rev. Sarah Speed | A Sanctified Art LLC |
Advent Study

Join Pastor Bert Cloud for a limited Advent Study of three, one hour sessions related to our worship themes.  The study will be offered via Zoom starting on 12/5 at 7PM.

The Longest Night



On December 21st at 7 PM we will offer a service of prayer and reflection where we will offer to God that which is heavy on our hearts this season.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

Joy the the World!  The Lord has come!  On Sunday, December 24th we will celebrate with two services.

Sunday morning worship at 10 AM

Communion and candlelight service at 7 PM

Shepherd's Run
Shepherd's Run

This Christmas Eve we will honor those in our community who serve tirelessly to keep our community safe.

After the morning worship service on December 24th, volunteers will head out from Sterling UMC (around 11:30 AM) to deliver the gift cards and poinsettias that have been donated to the local fire stations, police stations, and hospitals.

All are welcome to participate!

Advent Devotional

Advent Prayer Resources

Advent Calendar

Daily prompts for practicing joy in a weary world!

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How Does a Weary World Rejoice Advent Journal
Every Moment Holy

Click here to download the prayer journal from Every Moment Holy.

Click here to subscribe to the 4 week journal as a reminder of the constant presence of God in the Advent Season.



Bless The Advent We Actually Have

Click here to subscribe to a daily devotional for the Christmas Season by Kate Bowler.

Join us as we celebrate the great inversion. God coming to Earth in the form of a human baby—together.

Seeing the world as it really is. Practicing hope for the coming King. Celebrating generosity and love any chance we get using this free 4-week devotional (available to print or access online).

Inside you’ll find daily entries that walk you through Advent. You’ll find daily short reflections, scripture to mull over, blessings to pray, and discussion questions to ask around the dinner table. Use this guide on your own, with your family, or grab a few friends or small group to join you.

My hope and prayer is that this Advent Devotional will be a way for you to make the very act of waiting, holy. And as we anticipate Christ’s birth together, may we experience the stubborn hope of Christmas, joy in the midst of so much sorrow, a love that knows no bounds, and a transcendent peace amid a world on fire and let’s bless the Advent we actually have—together.