It is hard to believe that the 2023-2024 school year is already upon us!

Whether you are headed to school for the first time or a seasoned pro, starting the new school year brings up big feelings in students, teachers, administrators and parents alike!  It is an exciting time, but it can be tough. For many of us, the thought of going back to school fills us with dread, regret and fear. For the lucky few, school can fill you with excitement, joy and confidence.

Wherever you find yourself this fall, remember that you have a powerful God to rely on and a church family that is rooting for you!  Here are some back to school prayers and resources to help you get the year off to a great start!

If you missed our backpack blessing last week, or if you just want to see it again, grab your back pack and watch this video to feel encouraged!  We have plenty of tags so please let us know if you need one for yourself or for anyone in your life!

To share a little lunch time love, check out our printable lunch box notes:

Lunch Box Notes (Click here to download!)









And finally, a “back-to-school” prayer that you can offer (click on the image to enlarge!):

 May this be a wonderful and enriching year for everyone!