Work Group #1: After making the drive to Clay County, WV (and only one group car breakdown) and settling in to Clay County Middle School, we have gotten to work on the first few days of our work week. We have three work crews in the group (one Centreville team and two Sterling + Centreville team). Our team (Jacob, Eduardo, Harrison, Eric and Phil Mohr, and Bill and Adrian from CUMC) has been working on a full trailer remodel that has been a summer long project for the different incoming ASP work crews. This has involved us working on the inside of the trailer, while another church group from Ohio works on the outside. We have done a lot of vinyl flooring installation, drywall installation/repair/patching, and have started putting a coat of primer on the walls. The rest of the week will be filled with finishing up these projects, and painting the ceiling and as much of the rest of the home as we can (plus likely a few fun surprises along the way). The homeowner family for the project have two young kids (a three year old son and a seven year old daughter) and two friendly pups, so the dogs and kiddos have kept us on our toes and made the worksite a ton of fun. We are excited to help this family get a little closer to their awesome new home.
Work Group #2: Our work group consists of Nate, Alex, and Carl, Susan, Dianne and Garrett from CUMC. On the first day after we arrived we got to go visit our house for the next couple days and got to meet the nice couple that we were helping out. We are coming in to finish the flooring and trim and finish up some other things to complete the room we were working on. The second day we finished up the flooring and trim and we said goodbye to the couple we were helping and went back to the school we were stationed in. We like to spend the free time we have at the school playing cards, playing basketball, and hanging out with new people. The third day we ended up having to wait to leave due to flooding on the roads causing our supplies to be delayed. Since we had finished a house the day before we had to wait to be shown the new house we were going to work on. The project is hanging gutters and we got most of it done today and plan to finish the rest tomorrow and getting to work on our third house of the week for the last two days.