This week in worship, we will reflect on the live-giving, life-sustaining attributes of water. Water is necessary for our survival. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water. We need water to drink, to wash, to care for crops, and to sustain livestock.

In John 4:5-42, Jesus is heading back to Galilee. His route takes him through Samaria, to the city of Sychar; near the plot of ground that Jacob had given to his son Joseph.

So, Jesus finds himself at the place of Jacob’s well. He encounters a woman and asks her to give him a drink. She is mystified that he not only comes near to her, but actually engages in a conversation. After all, this woman was known to have had numerous encounters with men.

She draws water from the well and gives him a drink. Jesus begins to talk about those receiving water from which they will never be thirsty again. The woman is so struck by Jesus’ compassion for her that she told others about her encounter with Jesus.

When Jesus encounters people, Jesus is sowing the seeds of his grace in their lives. He sees them, not through the lens of judgment, but through the eyes and heart of grace. He acknowledges their gifts and offers hospitality.

I imagine that, like me, there are times when you have experienced a deep thirst and it seemed as if there was not enough water in the world to quench your longing. Our deep longings, and great thirsts, are met by this God who loves us unconditionally and unreservedly. God invites you and I to be as gracious with those who we encounter in our walk of life, as Jesus has been gracious to this women at the well.