Youth Connections – What’s in a Name?

The youth program here at Sterling UMC has a new name – Youth Connections. The goal of a new name relates to the idea that a name represents what a group is about and how it should operate. So, what does this mean for our new name, Youth Connections? Why this name and what does it have to do with our youth program?

Well, first and foremost, we wanted to make sure the new name was something chosen by our youth because ultimately this should be a space for them to feel comfortable and at home. Youth Connections was the name that they voted on and it certainly encompasses the ideals of we want to have within our youth group. This new name will allow us to launch into a new chapter of our program. 

At the core of Youth Connections, we want to create a community of believers where youth can come to connect with their faith, friends, and adults who could ultimately serve as mentors on their journey through middle and high school. The embodiment of this name will therefore be through the different events held throughout the year which will allow for those connections to be made. 

On the heels of the launching of our new name, we are also rolling out new monthly Saturday events. Each month, we will be holding an extra youth event on a Saturday with the intention that it will allow for youth to invite their friends who may not be able to attend on Sundays and allow them to make those new connections. This month, on September 29th, we will be hosting a Movie Game Night. This evening will be filled with everything from a crazy pajama contest, movie themed games, popcorn and candy, and a movie of the youth’s choice. This will be the first of many events to look forward to. 

Another way that we as a youth program intend to continue making connections with the greater community of Sterling is through our annual Youth Musical. This year, we will be performing the show Godspell with an auditions workshop on October 7th and full auditions on October 21st. These auditions are open to any youth in the area, within our youth group or not, with the hope that we will be able to connect with those who may not already be attending our program. 

Ultimately, we as a youth program at Sterling UMC hope to embody our new name, Youth Connections, by creating a welcoming environment where youth can be free to make connections with each other and the Lord through the events we have planned for the rest of the year. 

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