Youth Choir Tour Update

Youth Choir Tour Update

We just want to say thank you for all of the prayers we have been receiving from church. It is awesome to know our church family is supporting us while we are away.

We have been working hard, performing strong, and having a lot of fun in the name of the lord.

Yesterday we went to Macedonia UMC where Steve and Brenda Hall are currently serving.  We had an awesome time fellowshiping and working alongside a few of the members of their congregation as we helped weed, mulch, and plant in a new area they recently had paved. They were an amazing congregation to perform for that night.

Today we were in Richmond and had our first stop at an adult day center, where we did our performance. This was such a cool stop as the members of the adult center were very sweet and welcoming, and they really enjoyed hearing the kids sing. We had many of them ask us to come back as soon as we can. The kids were able to spend some time with the people in the room, and our hearts were warmed.

Then we went to a local restaurant that had incredible milk shakes and BBQ that even satisfied Brietta’s taste. Then a pretty awesome God moment happened when we were checking out, and a guy joked about us singing a song.  So we did, and it happened to be just what a couple in the restaurant needed to hear.  They shared with us that tomorrow she will be starting cancer treatment on stage 4 cancer, and she felt like it was a total God thing that we sang to her. We were able to encourage and be there for the couple.

This afternoon we did more landscaping type work at the church we will be with tonight. Then we enjoyed a youth musical production of Snow White. They were great and our kids loved the show.

You would be proud of our youth. They have been hard workers and awesome vessels of Christ love. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated going forward, and remember we will perform at SUMC on Wednesday June 24 at 7:00 PM.  We would love to see you!

In the grip of grace,
Nick Yother

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