The Sager Brown Mission Team Has a Productive First Day

Update from our Sager Brown Mission Team:


Orientation this morning gave us background information and recent changes at UMCOR.
Photos were taken of all five teams which include over 80 volunteers ranging in age from 9-86 and from five states: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia.
Today’s jobs included: flood bucket verification and packing, garbage bag counting, lawn mowing, fire ant hill removal, Chez Hope visit to measure for shelving, harvesting of cucumbers, planting corn and beans and the completion of one full pallet of flood bucket trash bag bundles.  Group one of our team was responsible for KP duty at our Cajun Jambalaya dinner topped off with pecan cobbler.  One of the resident gators “Willie” was spotted as well as a new barge on the bayou.  Morning devotions led by Teresa and Eric and evening devotions by Naomi, Olivia, and Kendra inspired us to serve others this week.  8 of the adults enjoyed a *highly* competitive game of Rummikub.
G’nite from Hazy hot and humid Sager Brown

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