Short Term Missionaries Update


Short Term Missionaries Update

Please continue to pray for our short term missionaries in the field.

John Patton Jr.

John is completing he second year as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kyrgyzstan. John has been in Kyrgyzstan since April 2013, and will be returning home on June 22.  Please help us welcome John home!

John and other volunteers have been going into the mountains to try to promote healthier lifestyles. He has worked at several camps for teenagers to encourage vaccinations and better hygiene. The volunteers also taught families how to build small chicken coups and how to take care of the chickens.  He has also started a speaking club to help local teenagers learn to speak better English. He is now in the middle of Ride Alive (see below).  They left Monday.

Nearly twenty volunteers and 5 local business leaders and fitness enthusiasts from all corners of Kyrgyzstan have come together to circumnavigate by bicycle Kyrgyzstan’s pride and joy, Lake Issyk-Kul, in the 2nd annual Ride ALIVE!I Over the course of 10 days and 462 kilometers, riders will stop in 6 communities and conduct 1-day trainings in schools, non-profit organizations and village Health Promotion Units for youth aged 12-18 living around Lake Issyk-Kul. Riders will camp in tents and prepare their own meals along the way. This initiative is intended to promote healthy lifestyles and foster cultural understanding, as well as help build partnerships with international organizations and further develop local businesses.

To read John’s blog, visit

Welcome home John!

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Don & Donna Meyer

You can follow along with Don and Donna’s mission work on their blog at .

Laura Pax

You can follow along with Laura’s mission work on her blog at

Lucy Krips

Lucy is doing very well in Latacunga, Ecuador, which is her Peace Corps assignment for the next two years.  She completed her training in April and now lives with her host family in Latacunga, a town in the mountians about 2 hours from Quito, the capital.

She is working with Ecuadorian English teachers in a high school to help them implement better (more efficient)  teaching techniques.  The students in her classrooms are 7th-9th graders.

The teachers are accepting her well, and she is spreading goodwill ambassadorship in any way she can.  In training, she learned that trust is established by building relationships.  A big hit with the teachers has been teaching them how to make cookies!  (They asked her to teach them after she brought some in for them early on.)

She is happy and loves the teachers and all those she is meeting.  There is another Peace Corps worker in this high school, so she has been helpful to work with, also.

It is still early on, but so far, so great!


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