Sager Brown Mission Team Update for Tuesday and Wednesday!

Tuesday was another day of hot weather, hard work, and great fellowship. A group of four went off-site to work at a senior housing complex in the morning. They cleaned two apartments and had a chance to chat with the residents at the apartments. Another group continued their work at Chez Hope, gathering materials for building and assembling shelves. The remainder of the group worked on unpacking and repacking flood buckets and mowing the grass around the campus. 
In the afternoon, a small group returned to the senior housing complex to play Bingo. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, flood bucket packing and mowing continued, and a few members of the group donned long-sleeved shirts and long pants to pick cucumbers and okra. Two of the members of the Arkansas group, who were also harvesting vegetables, shared their mission trip fundraiser project of making and selling okra and shrimp gumbo. Not sure if SUMC is ready for the challenge of making 350 quarts of soup instead of cookie mixes!
The five groups met in the gym in the evening to watch the movie, I Can Only Imagine. We then gathered around a bonfire (built by our resident Girl Scout, Olivia), and enjoyed s’mores. Of course, we had to end the evening with another raucous game of Rummikub!
Dear Church Family,
After a quick breakfast, 15 of our bravest souls ventured out into the treacherous depths of Shrek’s swamp. Although we did not see any ogres, we did see a large variety of birds, alligators, and of course, wild humans.  While 15 of us were partying it up, two of us (Don and Donna) were spreading God’s love by handing out 350 box meals to seniors in the community.  After the Swampers had lunch at Sonic (a QUICK lunch, I might add), we joined up with Don and Donna to head over to the Tabasco factory for a tour of their Tabasco making process.  Although informational and very entertaining, the factory smelled worse than the Swamp and left our nostrils smelling of some hot sauce. After Jim, Teresa, Kendra, Olivia, William, Naomi, and Nick tried the Scorpion sauce (rated at approximately 2-hot-for-my-mouth Scoville Units), we bought many bottles of hot sauce and left the spice palace.  We finally got back to the UMCOR campus around 4:45 am (lol just kidding) and ate some delicious pizza to replenish ourselves…. after some naps of course. We ended the day by playing some groovy games with each other and resting ourselves before tomorrow’s day full of hard work.  We’re halfway done with an amazing week serving God and it feels like it’s getting cooler over here every day!!!!Amen!!With love,Zack Morris and Kendra Barham on behalf of the Sager Brown crew
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