Sager Brown Mission Team Thursday Update

Today was our last full day at Sager Brown! The time sure has gone by fast, but we won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. As always, we started the day with a good meal in the cafeteria, then went our separate ways to work on our projects.

Several of our team members helped organize a thrift store at the M25, while others finished up building the shelves at Chez Hope, a home for victims of domestic abuse. Meanwhile, a couple of people helped mow the Sager Brown lawn, while the rest of us worked in the warehouse packing flood buckets and layette kits.

Throughout the week, we packed over a thousand flood buckets and over five hundred layette kits. That sure is neat!

After the evening meal, at 7:00, all the volunteers gathered in the gym for the Vesper’s service, an evening service during which we enjoyed music, communion, an interpretive dance, and the sharing of blessings from the week
We’ve all had buckets of fun here (haha, pun intended) and we’ll be seeing everyone soon!
Naomi and Olivia, on behalf of the Sager Brown Team
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