Missions Updates – Canton Team Updates 3 and 4

Below are the Wednesday and Thursday updates from the Canton mission team.

Canton Wednesday Update

Today was a great day for the Canton teams. Our group was split into 4 smaller teams today, as we went to sites in Massilon, Louisville, Delroy and the Restore. We were several teams today, but smaller and mighty.

The Massillon team worked well together to install windows, doors, locks, blue board and tape all seams at the Massillon home. Siding starter was also installed to prepare for tomorrow’s work. Teens enjoyed the one on one time with the habitat volunteers and felt productive in their work and positive about their interactions. We almost forgot to stop for Dick’s devotional time because we were working so hard and lost track of time! We kept working till a stomach growled and reminded us to break and share in God’s glory through this time of fellowship.

A team of 8 went back to Louisville today to complete the interior framing of the 2nd house. Victoria, the homeowner, arrived early afternoon to discover her rooms all framed out. She was thrilled. Also, Shelly, the homeowner of the other house, gave some of her sweat equity to her neighbor, so she worked with us in the morning. It is so awesome to be a part of “neighbor helping neighbor.” We won’t be back to these 2 houses this week. We wish we could see what happens next.

In Delroy, a team of ten drove to a beautiful homesite across from a lake today. This new home will belong to the Carver Family of 4. The family have a one year old and a baby that was born in April. They are currently renting a place with multiple structural issues and rooms that don’t have heat. The landlord has been unresponsive. They started working with multiple churches, local businesses and volunteers to secure this Habitat site. For the Carvers, we installed windows, doors, applied blue boards insulation and taped every seam. We had a chance for some wonderful fellowship with the Habitat crew by celebrating Dale’s 73rd birthday with cake and ice cream at break time. We were visited by a lay leader from Calvary UMC which is located in Sherrodsville. We will be having breakfast there on Saturday morning with about 60 people who are excited to meet us. Boy does that say something!

At the Restore for Wednesday, the group finished dusting all the furniture in the entire store. They also helped to unpack and alphabetize books. This is at the Raff Road Restore which will be opening to the public in mid August. It will be the second Restore that they will be opening!

We all went in various directions but found a lot in common today. One theme was that the smaller teams had great experiences with being able to have more one on one time with the HFH volunteers. Another theme that keeps being mentioned is how much the Canton volunteers look forward to the Sterling team each year. Today we were reminded how much they enjoy working with each other as well. They work hard, appreciate each others skills and enjoy all the ribbing on the side. We don’t always remember how lucky that we are to have found their organization. They truly make our experiences better as we are able to see God’s love in their work.

We want to again thank our Church family for providing us with the opportunity to share in these ministries.

The Canton Team

Canton Thursday Update

Thursday started quite chilly but we were warmed by a delicious breakfast and morning devotions. As we began our day in different directions, we all found our batteries in need of a recharge.

Today at the Restore the kids sorted the children’s books by age and also alphabetized them. The adult books were sorted by subject. It was a short but productive day!

There are 12 houses under construction at any given time and each takes about 16 weeks to finish. This Habitat affiliate had completed 440 homes in the last 25 years. They work all year round. One house that was framed by us last year, is still waiting for landscaping finishing yet the owners have been in for a couple months.

At the tar site today in North Canton four of us including the future homeowner Tim, were able to finish the house and covered the bottom foundation with tar, while the rest of the crew went into the basement and put up the braces to help keep the house steady for a awhile. After we finished tarring, our crew was able to go look at a house that was finished on the inside to see what a finished home looks like. After that we were able to drive by the houses that we drywalled two years ago. We then went to a house and started to set up for painting. We covered all the rooms with painters tape and then broke for lunch. The other painting crew came in to help us complete the job. Tim, the homeowner, will move out of a bad neighborhood and will move his family here, including his 4 year old granddaughter, and will be living in this safer place. He feels so blessed to have this new home of his own.
This team went to a home in East Canton for painting after lunch. The home was a former Habitat build but the couple who lived there got a job transfer and then deeded the house back to Habitat to refurbish for a new family. The entire house was primed by our crew today.

Today’s drywall crew had a slow start but once we got rolling, we got done four room ceilings including a tricky piece done by Dave and Len (and held up by 11 people!) We were almost done when the power went out so we had to switch from power tools to the inferior hand/battery operated tools. We wrapped up the job using man/woman power (and batteries).

Today at the siding site we met Joanne who organizes the Thursday crew. She says there are nearly 100 members in the Thursday Crew but only about 50 regular workers. What a fantastic testimony of volunteer dedication in numbers!! The siding crew needs part of a day to finish up the “icing on the cake” and the back of the house. We are sure to finish before our noon break on Friday!

After an hour and a half of power outage at camp on Thursday afternoon, we enjoyed a delicious cookout dinner. We left for a much anticipated Dairy Queen dessert break off site, compliments of SUMC. The chocolate, ice cream and slushies were well appreciated.

The evening campfire kept us warm and going through some songs, devotions and agape deliveries. It was another chilly night but our hearts are warmed by your prayers and thoughts for our team.

We will finish up by lunch time Friday at several different sites around town and then join each other and other Habitat for humanity crews for a “taste of Canton luncheon ” at the warehouse.

Thank you for your continual prayers and never ending support.
The Canton Team

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