Missions Update – Red Bird, Costa Rica, and More!

Red Bird Mission, Kentucky – Don & Donna Meyer

Don and Donna completed their work at Red Bird Mission this week, turned over the key and title to the pickup truck they purchased for the Grow Appalachai project, and are preparing for departure to Ohio, where they will meet up with our Canton mission team over the weekend.

Don and Donna are planning a return visit to Red Bird in the fall to help with the harvest.

Costa Rica – Marcela Jarman

Marcela and her mission team from Floris UMC arrived safely in Costa Rica, where they are working for the week. They are on two daytime worksites and then running a VBS program in the evenings at the Centro Metodista Nacional. Marcela thanks you for all of your prayers.

Bennettsville, South Carolina Mission Team

Below are updates #2 and 3 from the Bennettsville team.

Update #2:

SUMC Brothers and Sisters,
It was almost a miracle today when everyone woke up In South Carolina this morning (for our first site work day) and no one was complaining about bugs or mosquito bites for the first time we could ever remember. So, those preventive measures we took yesterday really helped! Early this morning everyone proceeded (somewhat happier) to our first site, the house of Ms. Blanche to begin work on her new bathroom. As in most cases for jobs in Bennettsville we were met again with a few surprises (like 2 layers of sub-flooring) but the team working on that site completed all of the demolition, installed 90% of the sub-flooring and we were able to give Ms. Blanche back the use of her new toilet by the time we left tonight (about 6pm). While the team worked on Ms. Blanche’s bathroom, we also began the work on Ms. Claire’s house and we are about fully prepped to start painting tomorrow morning. Both teams really turned to and displayed great work ethic and I have decided we are surrounded by another crew of “South Carolina boys and girls” already. We all felt touched today when we were fed a gain by Ms. Faye’s church and Reverend Brown, Ms. Trish and Ms. Vivian. Once again they really outdid themselves as we were fed baked chicken, beef ribs, mac and cheese, green beans, black eyed peas, lima beans, candied yams, pineapple upside down cake and my favorite banana pudding. The ladies there have always been involved no matter what and I liken it to some of the things we try to do @ SUMC for our community. We ended the night with some excellent baked ham for dinner and then said a few devotions and sang a few songs. We all agreed this start was a spectacular beginning for the team this year! And, I think we may have set all-time toad catching record in South Carolina (though I will need some verification) as Alec caught eight toads in about 10 minutes. I guess you just have to be here….

Thanks Again for all of the support to make these trips possible!
Bennettsville Team

Update #3:

Hi Again from the Bennettsville Team!

We have a great progress report today. Again, everyone got up early and we had no complaints as we have managed to keep the South Carolina “critters” at bay for the first time after all of these years! We can thank Ethan as I have seen him on the insect patrol some nights even after everyone else has gone to sleep. And, a few new screens have really meant a lot to bring about a much more peaceful sleep these past few nights.

At the job sites we have made great progress as the sub-flooring is done and the tub and drain has been installed in the Bruce house. As in every trip to South Carolina we have hurdles to overcome because when one attempts to install 2014 hardware to the existing 1960 (or earlier) facilities it often presents a few issues. With the creative engineering of the team of Andy, Mike, Nick, Ethan, Tanya and Tyler things are moving right along. Our SUMC family would be proud of the effort and overall teamwork from all of them! On our other house our painting crew of Alec, Elise, Michael, Brianna, Lizzy, Regan, Megan, Colette and Jim under the leadership of Tom have with the really made an enormous amount of progress. This team has almost completed painting the porch and front of the house. While we sometimes seem to have gotten as much caulk or paint on ourselves as the house everyone would be very impressed with the green ceiling and white paint on the walls rails and on all of the pickets. Today, we even had Ms. Faye on the porch with a paint brush in her hand. With Brenda as our camp steward it has been totally refreshing to come home to another great meal and have everything set up and ready after a long day’s work.

All of the team was totally impressed with the kindness we have down here as one can bet that we get about five visits a day to ask for help and almost everyone will either stop or honk their appreciation as they go by our job site. We all agreed that while we are on this trip we see another side but we are impressed with everyone’s kindness too. Another example of this kindness was another great meal of spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, cookies and sweet tea from the ladies of Shiloh Baptist church. The whole team has been touched once again from this splendid South Carolina hospitality!

Well, we are excited for another day and more progress to come, we know all this is possible through Jesus Christ and with the support of our SUMC family! Thank You!

Signing off for now,

From the Bennettsville Team

Canton, Ohio Mission Team

The Canton, Ohio mission team is shopping, packing, finishing paperwork, and preparing for a Sunday morning departure. For those who are donating food items, and for prayer partners, you are asked to bring your donations and prayer partner cards to the church by end of day Friday if possible. These can also be dropped off at the church on Saturday morning, as the building will be open for Grace Ministries.

Grace Ministries

A number of our regular volunteers are away on mission or vacation this week. Grace Ministries welcomes you to come and experience the joy of service in our own community this weekend!

Join us at 6:30 PM on Friday to help set up (it usually takes about an hour), or join us between 7:45 and 11:00 AM on Saturday for distribution and clean-up.

We also need help sorting the leftover clothes from the rummage sale, as they will be distributed by Grace Ministry throughout the year.

DeShong’s Gift Back

Help with weeding, watering and harvesting is always appreciated. This week’s harvest goes to our Grace Ministry distribution. Contact Vini Short at .

Czech Republic Mission Team

Thank you for the donations of used softball equipment! We could still use a few more used gloves and some bases. We now have enough bats and balls. Thanks so much!

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