Missions Update – Czech Team Update #7

Here’s the latest from our Czech missions team:

Ahoy from Prague!

Dobry den! The team has arrived in Prague and currently we are at the Starbucks enjoying some cool drinks with our friends from the Czech.

Here is the update for yesterday and today


We went to the Royal Rangers camp outside of Tachov and helped raise an old classic teepee and helped put the kitchen tent together at this camp. It is an awesome site for a camp. The kids are going to have a blast. Honza is the main worker there and he is truly the man. The things he can do are insane. The things he got us to do with no English were insane as well.

When we finished at the Royal Rangers Camp, we then played our softball game with the Fusion group that we have been training so hard for. The game was fun and we had about 22 people who wanted to play. So we had enough people to fill up both teams while still having something for all to do. We led them with chants and sang “take me out to the ball game.”

We ended the night at a BBQ with the fusion kids. We had to say goodbye to some friends we made quickly, but first we enjoyed a few games of ninja.


We are in Prague today with some of our friends we have made here in the Czech Republic. We have seen a great turnout of folks joining us, and that means so much to the team. It really makes us feel like we made a difference, but little do they know the difference they have made on us.

The Lord has just blessed us beyond belief with the relationships we have built and brought us many great memories that will last forever.

Tomorrow we will get on a plane and come home. See you there church family!

God bless,
Nick Yother

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