Missions Update – Bennettsville Team

Below are updates #4 and #5 from the Bennettsville, South Carolina mission team.

Update #4

Hi from Bennettsville!

We all want to report that we were got some relief from the heat today as the temperature only reached 99 degrees! We were told from Ms. Dupree and Ms. Faye that we reached the highest temperature yesterday they had seen in two years at 102 degrees. After the heat from yesterday we had our first afternoon thunderstorm cruise through today just to make sure we all felt some good South Carolina humidity too! We talked to folks on the team (and this might be me) but we really weren’t impacted as one would think. We had jobs to do and everyone had goals so we all stayed on task. These thoughts are re-enforced after we discussed Ephesians 2:10, “for we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which god prepared in advance for us to do”. Everyone can see the need here, so we are focused to help these folks out. That makes the heat and humidity only another element that God has prepared us for on this trip. Also, we have an INCREDIBLE team (there I go again)!

Today, we finished up Ms. Claire’s house and we all can’t wait for the church too see the before and after pictures. Everyone worked very hard to try to wrap it up and we were also able to replace some boards on the wheel chair ramp, fix a hole on the porch, replace the house numbers and add some new porch lights. Tomorrow we will move on to the Larry McCall house and work on the screen porch. Also, the Bruce house is moving right along too. The bathroom has a new coat of paint, some new molding, and some new flooring installed. There has been a huge transformation and those pictures will bear out what a fantastic job our team has done there too! It looks we may be able to wrap up the Bruce house tomorrow too. For lunch today we were treated to our first fried chicken meal of the trip too! I can remember trips that we eat fried chicken every day and while I’m perfectly ok with that, some variation with our meals is very refreshing!

Well, we have another busy day tomorrow so it’s time for some sleep, we are definitely working on another great story to share with you on Mission Sunday. Thanks and Good Night from Bennettsville!

Update #5

SUMC Church Family,

We have another great report to SUMC from today’s activities here in South Carolina. After finishing up the painting at Ms. Claire’s house we moved on over to work on the screen porch for Larry McCall. He happens to live right up the road from Troy’s house and he is a good friend of Mr. Blair (another past project house). As we were working on the house adding the screen molding Larry rode up on his bicycle. He was admiring the work and I asked him how he liked it and his reply was, “it looked like it just belongs”. Well, Mr. McCall grew up in that house and it was passed down from his father. So, his response filled everyone with pride that while we were there to give him a screen porch the work we do here has a lot more significance for them and for the team too! The funny thing was as Tom and Jim did most of the supervising, most of the work was getting done by our youth team members. Trust me, it did look pretty professional too! Additionally, work continued on the Bruce house. Because Ms. Blanche maneuvers around her house in a wheelchair and she explained how the bathroom functioned for her the team knew it was essential the sink and vanity be able to bear her full weight. The team there went out of their way to engineer a strong, sturdy support. So, in addition to Blanche getting a new “HGTV” bathroom they also went out of their way to add the proper functionality for Ms. Blanche too.

Today, for lunch Ms. Faye and her family hosted us in their backyard with barbeque chicken, hot dogs, corn on the cob other side dishes and some awesome strawberry shortcake. The meal was topped off with the team moving back all of Ms. Claire’s plants to the porch so we could get a picture with the whole family! That one will be great for the Bennettsville scrapbook one day!

The temperature today was in the mid 90s and a thunderstorm rolled in for the first time on this trip. For a while the temperature got down to around 74 degrees- unbelievable! And, when we thought the day couldn’t get any better for the first time ever we had a bon-fire and we roasted marshmallows for s’mores!

Be back home in a few days!

The Bennettsville Team

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