Mission Updates – Sager Brown Update #4

Here’s the fourth update from our Sager Brown Mission Team.

This is Erik Utgaard writing for Wednesday, our half day of work/half day off for fellowship and an outing. In the morning, Jason and I joined mission trip participants from Florida and Texas to continue working on the ramp on what someone told us was the hottest day of the year so far. Also off campus, another contingent had the opportunity to visit Raintree Elementary School to help out some teachers. (School has already begun here in Louisiana.) We helped pre-K and Kindergarteners with art class, cut out materials for a teacher to use with fifth graders, read with first graders, and visited the library with them. Back at Sager Brown, the bucket crew checked and repacked 46 cleaning buckets, give or take a few. (I think that they underestimate their accomplishments!) And the painting team nearly finished up their room and is primed to move on to the next on Thursday. We had the afternoon off, and given the heat, we opted for an indoor activity. So we wrote cards and played cards after lunch, then we went to Lafayette for bowling. The kids bowled and the adults watched. After a five-minute post-bowling arcade frenzy (at which we won two whoopee cushions, tattoos, and a deck of cards) we left for dinner. We had asked about restaurants, and got a good tip on a pizza place near the bowling alley. We did not leave a single crumb on the trays. In the evening after our devotional, we watched a movie – the Iron Giant – in the gym. (No relation to Iron Man.) I am sure that at lights out time, everybody fell asleep in no time. At least that was my experience. We appreciate all the prayers and support we have had, and are continuing to draw strength from that. In Christ, Erik Utgaard and Sager Brown team

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