Mission Updates – Sager Brown Update #3

Today’s message is written by one of our adults, Debbie Jacobus, who is on her first mission trip!

Today was our second day of work at Sager Brown. I have been working in the sewing room and myself and 4 others have completed 195 school bags! A group working in the depot have been checking and packing cleaning buckets and have completed about 150 buckets. The painting team has almost completed painting one classroom. The construction crew of Erik and Jason Utgaard have been working on building a ramp for a former NFL player who is wheelchair-bound and lives in a trailer and can’t get down his steps.

The other groups from Texas, Florida and Oklahoma have been inspired by the commitment and dedication of our youth to assist in any job asked of them. They are going to encourage the youth in their churches to come on a future mission trip.

I am happy to report that my suitcase arrived in one piece on Monday evening and we are now caught up on receiving our prayer partner letters (the letters were in my suitcase, of course.) The other mission teams like our idea of having prayer partners. We are the only team receiving written notes of encouragement and love from our church members back home. We continue to feel all of the love and prayers.

Your Sister in Christ,
Debbie Jacobus

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