Mission Updates – Sager Brown Team Departs

Sterling UMC’s Sager Brown Mission Team departed for Louisiana bright and early on Sunday, August 17th. Each day, the team will share the perspective of a different team member. First up are Zack Morris and Emily Beck.

Sunday, August 17th

Dear SUMC family,

Our first day of Sager Brown has been full of traveling and fun! Our team was assembled and ready to go at 5:30 AM, ready for a bright-eyed team picture before departure. Our early rise was very interesting indeed, but we all were awake by the end of the flight. This first day included a donation by a man we met at Burger King who wanted to support our work, a few jazz bands greeting us at New Orleans airport and even a missing checked bag. 13 bags went to New Orleans and one went to Syracuse, New York. Good thing we didn’t check any of our teenagers!

The two hour drive to Sager Brown was filled with rain, but was otherwise uneventful. Upon arrival at Sager Brown, we all played some games and even made some new friends. There are teams here from Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, and Virginia. The first day was really enjoyable and I can’t wait for the rest of the week and for our warehouse work to finally begin!

Zack Morris and the Sager Brown Mission Team

Monday, August 18th

Dear SUMC family,

Monday 8/18/14- Day 1: we have fully assimilated into Sager Brown society. The natives have accepted us as their own and we have signed a pact to stay here forever.

Just kidding, we are still planning to come back to Sterling. We have, however, settled in well. We woke up in the middle of the night (6:30 AM) and had morning devotions at 7:00, overlooking the beautiful bayou Teche. After that, we ate a delicious meal, and made our way to orientation. This year is a bit different- instead of choosing what to do each day, we sign up for one assignment for the entire week. However, we have decided to disregard that and switch things up within our group so that the same people aren’t stuck continuously packing flood buckets or sniffing paint fumes.

After orientation, we split up into our groups. I went with a group to start repainting some classrooms here on the Sager Brown campus. The other groups went to work in the warehouse packing flood buckets, the sewing room making school kit bags, or went offsite to build a deck for a family in the community. Halfway through the day, we broke for lunch and had some amazing ham/pineapple stuff. I have to say the chocolate pudding was probably my personal favorite though. After we ended for the day, we had some free time. Personally, I decided to use the time to scrub approximately half a bucket of paint off my hands, and then took a nap. Dinner at 5:30 was just as delicious as the previous meals, though my favorite part was probably still the pudding. The food has certainly lived up to the hype. After dinner we had some more free time, and then evening devotions in Jubilee Hall.

All in all, it was a very productive and thoroughly enjoyed day for everyone. I look forward to more of the same friendly, upbeat atmosphere and attitude for the rest of the week. (Also, did I mention that the food was really good?)

In Christ, Emily Beck and the Sager Brown Team

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