Mission Updates – Czech Team Update #5

Hi Church family,

Here are the updates from the Czech mission team for Wednesday and Thursday.


Today was what seems to be a normal day for us in the Czech Republic. Beautiful day in the mid 70s. Beautiful morning.

Small groups met and we all joined in some great discussion about making ourselves available to seek God, to ask God, and to wait on God. The talk around the room was really enjoyable for me and everyone in the room.

It started raining in the afternoon as we were eating dinner, which sparked a major water war that got pretty much the whole camp involved. It was surely a site to see.

We ended the evening with worship and a message led by Milan. One of the cool things we English speakers are seeing is that more people are helping translate for us. It is cool to see such servants helping us to belong.

We would like to give a major shout out to our brother Jan here. All week he has been able to help us with everything we could ask for. His heart is so big! He is quiet in nature but loud with his heart for Gods people.


Today the team split up a bit as today was “trip” day.

Many of the youth (including Kyle and Harrison) went on a boating trip. They did a day-long journey down one of the rivers here (the name of which I can’t pronounce 🙂 ). The stories of the water battle that took place in the middle of the river were really funny to hear. Harrison was able to get some good pictures of the carnage. They stopped in town midway to grab a bite to eat and really enjoyed the fellowship.

Nick, Lonnie, Barbara, Danielle and the Mrazek family went to Céške Kumlov. Céške is a town surrounded by a castle. The town has been kept up since the 1200’s. The city was beautiful and had a lot of great shops for the girls and great overlooks to get a feel for the country. It was a bit misty the whole time, but still a great trip.

We came back to camp to eat dinner and to worship.

The message was led by one of the youth and it was cool to hear a message the Lord has laid on his heart.

There was a fire and an extended worship service after the regular worship service if you wanted to sing more. The only way I can describe the later worship service was …. Wow. It was just authentic sold out worship, loud singing, prayer, and communication with God.

The whole team is really seeing the deep spiritual nature of our brothers and sisters here in the Czech Republic.

We are starting to get a bit sad that we will only have one more full day at this camp but we know The Lord will bless the relationships we have built and that The Lord will use us in His plans coming up in Tachov.

In the grip of grace,
Nick Yother

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