Mission Updates – Czech Team Update #4

Here is yesterday’s update from the Czech mission team.

Today was a pretty relaxed day. Last night there was an evening game that took up to 6 hours to play. Much of the camp did not arrive back until 5:00am, so the whole camp was exhausted.

Much of our ministry today came from small groups. The conversations we get to share with these youth remind me how hungry they are for the Lord. It is very encouraging for our team to see this. Our bonds are growing deeper and wider.

The language is hard to pick up but we are trying out best and the people here are pretty patient with us, but I also think it gives them a really good laugh. But I do believe our willingness to fail makes them feel more comfortable to engage us in conversation.

In our discussion group we spoke about where the church will be in the coming years in America and the Czech. It is really cool to hear the kids speak with passion about a revival that they see coming. This discussion brought up some of the real struggles of Christianity here. Most Czechs say that religion just really doesn’t matter. No one really cares if you are a Christian, but no one also want’s to really talk about it.

We had Czech cookout tonight where we all sat around a fire and cooked sausages. This is a tradition in the Czech. It was a great time of some good conversation.

Please continue sending your prayers our way. We feel them and love the support.

In the grip of grace,
Nick Yother

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