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Do Yourself a Favor….. FORGIVE! by Joyce Meyer.

Joyce Meyer has written an impressive number of books, 90 and counting! This prolific author is no stranger to the SUMC Library (Room 103). We have seven of her books on our shelves (nonfiction – yellow spine label, alphabetized by author’s last name). Also in our library you will find a list of some of her book titles and a way to connect to find the other ones too. Joyce is a practical Bible teacher. She sets us straight on so many topics and helps us in so many areas of our lives where we have questions or concerns. The subtitle of this book, Learn How to Take Control of Your Life through Forgiveness, gives us an idea of where Joyce is going with her topic.

Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive! flows well. It segues from one section to the next seamlessly. How do we begin to forgive? Why must we do it? Is it easy? Is it possible in every situation? Chapter 4, “The Roots of Jealousy,” starts out with a Bible verse. Then we find several scenarios involving modern-day people and Biblical characters. Joyce shows us why jealousy occurs, why it is so dysfunctional, and how to reframe it in a new way of thinking. She also gives us her informed opinion about why God does what He does.

I recommend Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive! to any advanced teen or adult – men and women. You will be blessed by reading this book.

Hope to see you soon in the SUMC Library!

Melanie Mahoney (the Library lady)

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