Lenten Devotional for February 14


The Thirst for God


John 4:7-15

Jesus answered, “whoever drinks from the water that I will give will never be thirsty again. The water that I give will become in those who drink it a spring of water that bubbles up into eternal life.”
–John 4:14


The thirst for God is universal because we have been created with a longing for the Creator. This desire to know and be known by the One who made us and loves us is often ignored, denied, and finally buried under a multitude of pursuits and interests. But then some event in life invites or forces us to pause, and the desire for God comes rushing back to our awareness. And once again we know that real life is impossible without the companionship of the One who first gave us the gift of life and who sustains us even now.*
–Rueben P. Job


Lord, I thirst for you. Give this living water, so I will not thirst again.


Sit with a glass of water in front of you. Pray the same request that the Samaritan woman made of Jesus. Drink the water as you receive Jesus’ gift. As you go out today, let the water of eternal life flow through your heart and out to others through your words and actions.

* From A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God by Norman Shawchuck and Rueben P. Job, pages 325-326. Copyright © 2003 by Norman Shawchuck and Rueben P. Job. All rights reserved. Used by permission. ©2015 by The Upper Room. All rights reserved.

This and the other devotionals for this Lenten Series can be found at the following link:http://www.thegodwecanknow.com/category/50-devotions/page/5/.

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