Lent Sermon Series

He was not rich or educated, but was familiar with hard work. He was quick-tempered and impetuous, but possessed a passion that would change the world. He left everything to follow his teacher, yet struggled with doubt and fear. (from Simon Peter, by Adam Hamilton)

Simon Peter was thirty years old, married, and had three children when he left his fishing nets behind and became a follower of Jesus along with his brother Andrew.

In his book Simon Peter: Flawed But Faithful Disciple, Adam Hamilton takes an in-depth look at the life, faith, and character of Simon Peter.  From his denial of Jesus on the night that he was arrested to ultimately becoming the rock upon which the church was built, he would give his life preaching the gospel to all nations.

During the season of Lent, Pastor Steve will be preaching a Sermon Series based on this book to help us reflect and grow as we prepare for the celebration of Easter.

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