Post Covid Re-Entry Group Updates

Church Building Mask Requirements:

  • Masks are required inside the church building for all activities.
  • By wearing masks, we protect our congregation, school personnel who will soon return to school, and the most vulnerable in our community.
  • Staff and volunteers working with unvaccinated youth must wear masks.
  • The Sterling mask policy will continue to be updated to follow current CDC Guidelines:

Room Capacities:

Groups are encouraged to use the largest rooms available regardless of group size.

  • 15 classroom rooms (including upstairs classroom in Jacobus)
  • 25 Lower level of Jacobus
  • 25 in the youth room
  • 75 Gallihugh Hall


  • No meal centric events should be scheduled at this time (dinners, lunches, etc).
  • Groups and ministries may choose to provide or allow individually packaged snacks and drinks.
  • Prepackaged individual meals may be consumed.

Group Leaders

  • Review meeting guidelines and contact the church office if exceptions are needed.
  • Take attendance including contact information 
    • Turn attendance into the office to enable contact tracing if needed.
  • Establish group specific policies that are equal to or more restrictive than church policies to ensure safety while allowing for the most inclusive and welcoming environment for ministry and fellowship.
  • Note: Please schedule building use meetings through the church office/secretary so that no calendar conflicts exist.