Gospel on Broadway

Broadway Musicals are one of the cornerstones of American entertainment. The unforgettable characters, timeless stories, inspiring music, and beautiful sets of these shows have been ingrained into our culture. We had our series last summer focusing on Disney classic films. This time, we’ll talk about how Broadway productions deal with the human condition and how the gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s response to the human condition. Anytime we find the human condition accurately portrayed we’re going to see something that points us toward the gospel. For our summer sermon series we are going to be looking at the Gospel in Broadway. This series of messages will look at the Gospel themes in three of the most popular modern Broadway shows –themes that come straight from the teachings of Jesus. Join us for a look at the Gospel message through the characters and music of Broadway!

July 27: Les Mesirables: Hope for Redemption
Aug 3:   Beauty and the Beast: Hope for Change
Aug 10: Phantom of the Opera: Removing Masks and Letting in the Light

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