Good Financial News for Year-End 2015

From Pastor Steve:

Dear Sterling UMC Church Family,

This fall, at the end of October, we were facing a deficit of $50,000 in our operating budget fund.
That means we had spent $50,000 more than we had taken in. I appealed to you for your financial
assistance to close this deficit, and you generously responded.

During the month of November, income exceeded expenses by $10,000, and we reduced the
deficit to $40,000.

During the month of December, income exceeded expenses by an unprecedented $28,000!
We were able to close the gap by $21,000 through extra giving by the congregation and careful
financial management (underspending of budgets) by all of our ministries. In addition, $7,000 was
able to be returned to the budget by our missions committee, due to the congregation’s massive
support of fundraisers such as the yard sale, the cookie mixes, blue envelopes, etc.

The preliminary year-end deficit has thus been reduced to approximately $12,000. In addition,
funds generously donated by our Kids Under Construction preschool are being used to bring our
2015 annual fund to a final break-even posture as of December 31. Praise God, and thank you to
every congregation member who helped make this possible!

Karen Barbour, our business manager, said, “This church heard the cry for help, dug deep and
responded by faithfully fulfilling their pledges. In addition, many people gave sacrificially, over and
above their pledges. This congregation has a heart that overwhelmingly responds whenever there is
a need, whether it has to do with our own church body, or people in the community who are in need,
such as Grace Ministries, the Danny Centano Miranda fund, Backpack Buddies and so many others.”

This has been a challenging year for our church family. We experienced a transition of pastors.
We pursued a construction project. We remained faithful in serving the needs of others in this
community and around the world, and met all of our financial commitments. In addition,
we have over $1,000,000 pledged to our building project and over $700,000 of that amount has
already been received.

Sterling United Methodist Church has a long history of being the presence of Christ with this
community, and changing lives in His name. With your continued generous and faithful support,
we will continue our work for the cause of Christ into the future.

In Christ,
Stephen T. Vineyard

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