Gloria: A Christmas Cantata

The Sterling UMC Music Department will be performing a Christmas Cantata to kick off the Christmas Season in a couple of weeks. It is always a wonderful way to celebrate the season and is also expertly performed by many talented musicians!

The Christmas Cantata this year is Gloria by Vivaldi. A Cantata is generally a narrative piece of music composed for choirs with orchestral accompaniment and is a staple for the Christmas and Easter season here at Sterling UMC. Gloria is a wonderful piece composed in Venice in approximately 1715. According to Peter Carey of the Royal Free Singers, Vivaldi originally composed this piece for the choir of the Ospedale della Pietà, an orphanage for girls who were well known for their excellent choir and orchestra. Vivaldi spent much of his career teaching and composing at Ospedale and Gloria is one of his most famous choral pieces. Yet, for almost two centuries after his death the piece lay forgotten amongst a pile of forgotten Vivaldi manuscripts until about 1920. Once it was rediscovered, it has been performed many times around the world and become a choral favorite and staple. While the entire piece is written in Latin, there will be a translation of the lyrics projected during the entire piece for ease of understanding the performance and the themes presented throughout.

Gloria is directed this year by Willis Rosenfeld, the Music Director at Sterling UMC, and will be performed by the Aldersgate choir accompanied by an orchestra of local musicians. Join us for one of the two performances on Sunday, December 15 at either 9:00am or 11:00am. It will be a morning filled with music, celebration and joy as we enjoy the Christmas season together.

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