This Spring Eagle Scout Candidate Ethan Hays of Troop 157 will be giving our Courtyard a facelift.

Meet Ethan Hays.

Ethan is a member of Troop 157 in Herndon.  Ethan has proposed to give our church courtyard a greatly needed facelift.   You can read more about Ethan’s proposal below:

Project Description

“My Eagle Scout project will be a renovation of the interior Courtyard at Sterling United Methodist Church. Planned renovations will include refurbishing the existing pathway, providing additional seating, and supplementing and updating the landscaping grounds with an abundance of attractive foliage (shrubbery, flowers, mulch) selected by the church community.  Further beautification improvement efforts will include removing dead and overgrown vegetation, power washing the brick walls of the courtyard, and providing a stone by-way under the bridge from wall to wall.”


How Will the Project be helpful to the Beneficiary?

“The project will provide church members a peaceful sanctuary to pray, reflect, and relax outdoors.  In its present condition, the courtyard lacks adequate seating, is overgrown with vegetation, and is in a general state of disrepair.  As a result, the courtyard doesn’t really live up to its potential and is under utilized at this time.”

What Materials Will Be Needed

  • Flowers/Plants
  • Lumber/Trex
  • Soil/Dirt
  • Mulch
  • Fasteners
  • Stone/gravel
  • Pathway Materials
  • Supplies such as work gloves, trash bags, shoe covers, etc.

Project Schedule

  • Planning and Approval completed February/March
  • Fundraising – Begin late March
  • Completion of project April 30 to May 22


Support for this project will include assistance from other members of Troop 157, neighbors, friends, and family.  Church members are invited to assist as well.

Budget and Fundraising

  • Materials – $800
  • Supplies –  $100
  • Tools –       $100

Total estimated cost = $1000.00

If you are interested in supporting the courtyard project with a donation you may do so on line here or by check to SUMC and indicating Eagle Scout Project in the memo line.

Thank you for the opportunity and your support.

Pre Renovation Photos: