Congregational Meeting – February 21

Congregational Meeting

Sunday, February 21 at 2:30 PM

In 2006 we started dreaming and praying and discussing options for a renovation and expansion of our facility to keep pace with our ever growing ministry needs.  After many years of planning we held a congregational vote in January of 2014 to launch our capital campaign and begin final design.  Today we are as excited as ever about the plans we have, and we believe the Lord has been in this process all along the way.  Now we have reached a decision point.

This past November the building committee presented schematics and renderings of the conceptual design, and town hall meetings were held to discuss the design and the changes that had been made to the project scope to keep the project within the approved $2 Million budget.  We have also heard from the Capital Campaign Committee that we have not yet raised sufficient pledges to fully fund the $2 Million project budget.  While we can take out a loan to bridge the gap, we need to be careful not to overextend the church and place us in financial jeopardy.

Two major themes that we have heard from the congregation are:

  1. Please don’t place the church, and in particular our ministries, at financial risk.
  2. Let’s get started!  When will we start seeing transformation of our spaces?

On Sunday, February 21, from 2:30-3:30 PM we will have a meeting of the congregation to discuss the current status of the project, the project financing, the project scope, and the construction timeline. We have invited Mr. Stephen Clark, president of the Virginia United Methodist Foundation, to help guide us through this discussion as an outside, independent party.

We will also discuss a proposal to complete the renovation of the Sanctuary yet this spring, in advance of the rest of the project.  Because the sanctuary is the most critical space in the building, because it is used by everyone, and because this piece of the project can be isolated from the rest of the construction, it lends itself nicely to this approach.  We have the money in the bank today to complete the Sanctuary renovation, and we see great potential for momentum to build as the congregation sees the transformation.

Over the past weeks I have been talking about our legacy as individuals and as a congregation.  While our legacy as a church will never be about a building, we recognize that those who came before us blessed us with an amazing tool for ministry in our current facility.  The changes we are getting ready to make to our facility now will enable our ministries to thrive for years to come.

Please join us at the congregational meeting on February 21!  Your participation and your feedback are vitally important to us!

In Christ,
Stephen T. Vineyard, Lead Pastor

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