Church Management Software (ChMS) Upgrade

In April, Sterling UMC will transition from PowerChurch to Breeze.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of some of the many benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • User friendly
  • Up to date
  • Web-based software
  • Time saving, one-time data entry
  • Lots of built-in capabilities to use and manage data
  • Quick and easy communication with members
  • Online giving
  • 128-bit encryption for security of personal information

A Note from Neil:

One of the secrets to running an effective church is having the right Church Management Software (ChMS). This software provides the database, reports, and other functions that track and utilize data about many aspects of church life — attendance at services and other events, pledges and giving, membership in various church groups — and makes communicating with church members and their families a breeze!

For the past 14 years, Sterling UMC has used the venerable PowerChurch system for these functions — but it’s definitely showing its age (we started using it four years before the iPhone was released!), and it has been holding us back from doing some other things we have wanted to provide for our church.

So after a couple months of research, the decision has been made to retire PowerChurch in favor of a new, web-based software called Breeze.  Breeze is the most cost-effective web-based ChMS we could find, with costs that are fixed no matter how many members or system users we have. It provides everything we use PowerChurch for today, with improved user-friendliness and lots of built-in capabilities.  Just one example – to send text messages to our youth group members at present, Nick and his ministry team have to use a completely separate system, requiring duplicate data entry about our youth. With Breeze, all of that is built right in — Nick can just find his group and send a text to some or all members without any extra effort.

We are looking forward to discovering all the time-saving and enhanced management ability there will be once we have our data transitioned over to the new system and get accustomed to it.

The church staff completed their online training session earlier this week, and Breeze should be up and running at Sterling UMC in early April. Over the next few months, we ask your patience as we all get used to the new system and start implementing its new capabilities — first and foremost being a unified Church Calendar to simplify management of all the different events at Sterling UMC both in the office and on the website without requiring a lot of duplicate work.

By the way, one of the key features we made sure that Breeze provides is to keep your data safe — Breeze supports 128-bit encryption for the entire system, so your personal information is safe. It also complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for handling online financial transactions — yes, we’re going to be able to do online giving soon! — using the same platform that companies like Best Buy and nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity use for online payments.

If you have any questions about Breeze or our transition to this new Church Management Software, please reach out to Neil Mickelson, the IT Committee Chair, at .



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