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To the Congregation of Sterling United Methodist Church:

The Building Committee of Sterling United Methodist Church hereby requests Church Conference approval to separate the sanctuary portion of our proposed renovation from the rest of the renovation, and to execute this portion of the project ahead of the rest of the project using cash that has been raised.  The work described in this request is not in addition to or meant to replace any work that has been approved in the prior Church Conference.

On Thursday, March 31, 2016, the Building Committee went before the District Board for approval, and although approval was granted, they are requiring an additional step in the process, which is another Church Conference approval.  We realize this may seem confusing since we already have Church Conference approval for the entire project, however, the District Board feels that because of the changes in our sequencing of our project, we should go back to the congregation for Church Conference approval.  This additional approval means that we do not have sufficient time to order materials to have the sanctuary ready by Mother’s Day. We are in the process of determining when this project will fit within the church calendar.

You will find below the request that was sent to the District Board of Church Location.  We feel this accurately describes what we want to do and why.  To be clear, we still intend to do as much of the project as we can.  Rest assured, this does not affect the expansion of our bathrooms and renovation of our kitchen.  We feel these two items are the cornerstone of our project, but for a number of reasons, it is not practical to do that work at this time.  However, it is practical to do the sanctuary renovation ahead of schedule.


Here is the letter that we sent to the District Board of Church Location:

Since Church Conference approval on January 26, 2014, the Building Committee and the Capital Campaign have been working to plan and execute a $2 million dollar expansion and renovation to our existing facility.  This includes, among other things, a renovation to our existing sanctuary.  We are at the latter stages of the design, and we have been working diligently to raise the appropriate funds and to secure the necessary financing.  To date, we have received over $1.1 million dollars in pledges of which we have received approximately $750,000 in cash.  We are at a point where we haven’t raised enough money to continue with the full project, but members of our congregation want to see some tangible progress.  We are hereby requesting approval to perform the sanctuary portion of this project while we continue to work on the design and fundraising for the balance of the project.  We make this request for the following reasons:

  1. The sanctuary renovation (details below) is cosmetic and involves replacement of equipment which does not require a building permit.
  2. We currently have the funds to complete this portion of work without the need of borrowing money.
  3. The sanctuary is highly visible and we feel that renovating it will reinvigorate our Capital Campaign.
  4. The work is not very complicated and the Building Committee is confident they can manage with relatively few contractors involved so as not to incur the costs associated with a General Contractor’s supervision.
  5. Our carpet is becoming a trip hazard and rather than spending money on maintaining the carpet, we feel it would be a better use of our funds to replace all the carpet now since it is scheduled to be replaced under this project.

We are not changing the scope of work.  We are simply isolating the work associated with the sanctuary and moving it ahead of the rest of the project.  This is not in addition to the project, it is simply removing a portion and doing it earlier.  These plans have been communicated to the congregation and to the church council and have been well received.

The project will not exceed $200,000.00

The scope of work for what we are proposing is as follows:

  1. Repaint the sanctuary.
  2. Replace all carpet in sanctuary.
  3. Remove pews and reinstall to accommodate installation of new carpet. We are going to cut two pews back to create an ADA compliance space for wheelchairs.
  4. Reupholster pew pads.
  5. Improved lighting.
  6. Replace AV System.

We appreciate your consideration of this request.

Steve Vineyard                                                                        David D. Printz

Pastor                                                                                      Building Committee Chair

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