Behold the Lamb! A Palm Sunday Musical Cantata

Almighty God,
      on this day your Son Jesus Christ entered the holy city of Jerusalem
and was proclaimed King
      by those who spread their garments and palm branches along his way.
Let those branches be for us signs of his victory,
      and grant that we who bear them in his name
      may ever hail him as our Lord,
      and follow him in the way that leads to eternal life.
In His name we pray.


The Sunday immediately preceding Easter Sunday is called Palm Sunday and it commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and begins the series of observances focusing on the events of Holy Week: the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday; Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday; and Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday is also often referred to as Passion Sunday, marking the beginning of the passion or suffering of Jesus leading to and including the crucifixion.

This year, we will commemorate Palm Sunday with music as our SUMC Music Ministry presents “Behold the Lamb!  Remembering the Sacrificial and Resurrected Lamb of God.”

Behold the Lamb is a musical and narrative journey reminding us that the path to freedom and salvation came with a significant price… Jesus was the sacrificial Lamb who bore our sins on a cross, giving His life for our release from spiritual bondage.  And it is the resurrected living Lamb of God who invites us into an eternal relationship with the God of the universe to live and worship forevermore! (Lloyd Larsen, from the Foreward)

The cantata will be presented at the 9:00 AM service and again at the 11:00 AM service.  The Amigos Spanish Language Service scheduled for 10:00 AM will meet this week instead as a Bible study in Room 105.

Please come and share this experience in music with us this Sunday!

Sterling UMC is a community church and all are welcome to be our guest, attend our services and support our mission efforts.

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