After A Week of Serving, Our Sager Brown Mission Team Returns Home

We enjoyed one final half day of work on Friday. After yet another delicious breakfast, we all headed to the depot to work on flood buckets. As we were completing our last set of buckets, we were led in the pallet prayer.

The prayer is as follows: Most gracious and loving God. We came together to do your work, one item at a time, one kit at a time, one bucket at a time, one pallet at a time. To serve one person at a time, who is one from the multitude of your children in need across the world. Amen. (The prayer is then followed by everyone beating on the lids!)

We were graciously fed one final lunch in the dining hall and then spent a few more hours of playing games due to our flight being delayed. Mid-afternoon, we said our goodbyes to Don and Donna (who were leaving on Saturday) and hit the road for the airport. We enjoyed beignets at the airport and spent more quality time together as our flight continued to be delayed. With some divine intervention of plane shuffling and weather clearing, we were finally in the air at 8:45 and landed safely at 11:30 PM.

We were blessed to be able to spend the week together in service.
Thank you for your prayers, which were certainly felt and appreciated each and every day. May the Lord’s work continue to be done at Sager Brown.

The Sager Brown Team

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