Director of Youth Ministries

Position:              Director of Youth Ministries

Hours/week:    30 Hours per week

Work hours:       Sunday and during other youth activities

Other hours commensurate with fulfilling duties and needs of the church

Classification:   Exempt

Supervisor:         Senior Pastor

Annual leave:    Yes

Sick leave:          Yes

Health benefits:              No

Retirement benefits:     Yes


Summary of the Position and Goals of the Ministry


The Director of Youth Ministries is responsible for planning, coordinating, and leading all aspects of the youth ministry program for those in 6th through 12th grade.  The principle function is to help make, grow and nurture young Disciples of Christ by a comprehensive approach to discipleship, mission, relationship building, and outreach while serving as a spiritual leader, mentor, and role model.  The Director of Youth Ministries encourages young persons in developing their relationship with Christ, provides them with opportunities for spiritual nurture and growth, and challenges them to respond to God’s call to serve in their church, community, and the world.

Highlights of the Position:

Excellence in Programming – The Director of Youth  Ministries develops programs to enhance the spiritual learning experience.

  • Plan Youth Fellowship programs, youth-led worship services, recreation opportunities, youth Bible studies, study programs not offered during church school hours, and other special programs.
  • Plan and lead age-appropriate games, activities, and other events to provide youth with constructive recreation, along with demonstrating appropriate Christian behavior and providing a place that is attractive to individuals who are not yet connected with Sterling United Methodist Church and/or have not yet given their lives to Jesus Christ.
  • Coordinate Confirmation classes in partnership with the Senior Pastor and provide leadership for confirmands, mentors, and parents beyond the classroom.
  • Develop programs to appeal to post-college youth, including participation as mentors to youth and senior members of the congregation.
  • Create opportunities for youth to participate in group activities such as retreats, rallies, camping, overnight lock-ins, service projects, etc.

Connect to the Community – Following in the “Sterling UMC Loves Sterling” innovation, the Director of Youth Ministries will development partnerships in the Sterling area which will relate to Youth Ministries.

  • Coordinate opportunities for youth participation in local missions. Work with the UMW and Missions Committee to determine practical ways youth can work on local projects.
  • Connect to the local community by developing partnerships with Park View High School, Sterling Middle School, and other local middle and high schools in the Sterling area.
  • Encourage participation in the SUMC annual theater production from a cross-section of local churches and schools in the Sterling area.
  • Partner with other youth groups in local churches on large community events.

Interpersonal Skills – Demonstrate the ability to lead others, include volunteer recruitment. Relate to the youth and inspire them to continue their spiritual growth as Sterling UMC.

  • Act as a mentor and positive role model for the youth of the church with regard to Bible study, prayer, and a lifestyle founded on Biblical principles.
  • Make every opportunity to spend time directly with the youth, at school/sporting events, trips, etc. to build relationships and get involved in their lives first-hand.
  • Recruit and train a team of volunteers and parents to help meet and support the needs of the youth ministries programs.
  • Develop student leaders, and attend and guide youth council meetings.


Management Skills – Is a good judge of talent and spiritual gifts.  Is able to delegate to volunteers and develop teams to accomplish projects to help the youth deepen their spirituality.


  • Recommend and assist in the preparation of the annual youth ministry budget.
  • Manage the youth ministry finances (including expenditures of funds, general finances, and fund-raisers) in accordance with the approved policies of the church and the youth ministries. Make expenditures for supplies, materials, equipment, outings, and retreats as authorized.
  • Encourage current youth to participate in congregational ministries, programs, and activities.
  • Maintain an up-to-date library of program and training resources for use by adult volunteers and leaders in the youth ministry.
  • Publish bulletin and website announcements, and otherwise actively communicate information to the youth, their families, the congregation as a whole, and other interested parties.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Rich Christian spiritual life and commitment to United Methodist theology and practice.
  • Ability to communicate a vision as well as plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement the vision for youth ministry at Sterling UMC.
  • Passion for youth ministry, and ability to work with and relate to all age groups.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a team and manage a large number of volunteers with minimal supervision.
  • Maturity in emotions and judgment.
  • Dependable, punctual, well organized, and non-temperamental.
  • Spanish language ability and cultural proficiency are desirable.
  • Formal training in youth ministry or experience in an organized youth ministry whose tenets are compatible with the United Methodist Church.
  • Experience developing, managing and executing budgets and expenditures.
  • Modern computer literacy including the use of the internet and social media as an outreach tool.
  • Pass a criminal background check, and understand and agree to follow Sterling United Methodist Church’s child protection policy.

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