A New Sunday School Curriculum Planned for 2018-2019

A new program from Deep Blue Kids will be introduced for our Sunday school this upcoming school year.  The new curriculum is titled Deep Blue Connects:  At Home With God 2018-2019.  The curriculum is designed for all ages from the nursery to preteens.  Preteens will use a format called Submerged designed for older ages.

Deep Blue Connects is a comprehensive three-year Bible study with stories organized by theme: Family, Community, and World. This year’s stories focus on the role of families—siblings, parents, friends, grandparents, foster families, church families, the list goes on—and what we can learn about God from these close relationships. This new format is designed to help churches and caregivers work together to teach children about faith by exploring how families work together, communicate, and worship God.”

The video provides an introduction to the Deep Blue concept by its developers.

An orientation is planned for parents and kids on Sunday, August 26.

The new Sunday school year begins on Sunday, September 9.

For more information contact Heather Toth, Director of Children’s Ministries at or visit our Children’s Ministries page on our website.

To register your child for Sunday school click here.

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